Why I Want A Wife Summary? (TOP 5 Tips)

The objective of Judy Brady’s article “I Want a Wife” is that marriage is intended to be a collaboration rather than an ownership relationship. Women and men should read the article because it is crucial for them to understand that it takes a team to make a marriage effective. The article is written with both husband and wife in mind as its intended readership.

What is the purpose of I want a wife?

Brady’s short narrative revolved around the writer’s desire for a wife, a carer, and a maid, all of which he expressed with zeal. Bardy’s motivation for seeking a wife is to make her life simpler so that she may spend more time doing the things she enjoys. This demonstrates how much time and work a homemaker devotes to her family and children.

What is the theme of essay Why I want a wife?

In this article, written in 1971, the author discusses how a woman should conduct herself in the presence of a male authority figure. The tone of this essay is dramatic, caustic, and even hilarious at times, yet it may also be interpreted as serious at other times as well.

Why did Brady write I want a wife?

Because he was married to a professor at nearby San Francisco State, Brady Syfers expressed his desire for a wife who would take care of the children when they were sick or who would make arrangements to be present when the children needed special care. “I don’t want to miss classes,” he said of his ideal wife.

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Why I Want a wife thesis?

The Statement of the Thesis A audience assembled to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which provided women with the right to vote, heard her read the article for the first time. Its primary goal is to draw attention to the self-centeredness of husbands, as well as their customary expectations of spouses, as well as the inequity that women experience.

What is the message for I want a wife?

Judy Brady’s essay “I Want A Wife” was published in the first issue of Ms. Magazine, which was published in 1971. Specifically, she highlights that the duties of wife and mother are unequal in comparison to the responsibilities of husband and father, and that there is a clear difference, if not an inequality, between the roles of husband and wife.

Why do I want my wife in the mood?

The article is written in a casual, witty, sardonic, and at times ironic style that is easy to read. The author describes a variety of duties that a wife performs and those she is expected to perform in a variety of situations.

Why do I want to iron my wife?

Irony is employed throughout the article, from the very first sentence to the very final one. Even the title gives the impression that the author is a man, which is not the case. This strategy is employed in order to draw attention to the selfishness of the guys who have captured the concept of an ideal wife as a woman-slave who would do anything for their benefit.

Why I Want a wife target audience?

In this essay, Brady’s intended audience would be married men and women; nevertheless, they would most likely agree that a marriage should be fair, but not with how she presents marriage in this piece. As a result of her examples of marriage implying that women are slaves in marriage, this notion is rejected by the vast majority of the intended audience.

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Why I Want a wife rhetorical strategies?

Judy Brady is the author of this work. Satire is the rhetorical approach on which Brady leans the most in his speeches. Her satire is comprised of a sarcastic tone, irony, exaggeration, and a condescending tone, among other components. “I want a wife who will take good care of me when I am sick and who will understand my agony and the time I have lost from school,” I say in jest.

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