Why A Robin By Shashi Deshpande Summary? (Solution)

Why a Robin is a narrative of a woman who does not fit in with the rest of her family, as told by Shashi Deshpande in “Why a Robin.” She, on the other hand, longs to be closer to her daughter. The action of the novel takes place in India, where people are divided into many castes. The narrator was one of those ladies who married a man who was’socially superior to her’ in some way.

What is the theme of the story the awakening by Shashi Deshpande?

Deshpande, via the use of the peacock and the robin, symbolically represents the clash between the old and the modern in the narrative. This demonstrates that a woman-mother is adamant about not leaving the orbital universe. Because she is a failure as a wife, companion, and mother, the mother in the narrative is filled with self-guilt.

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Can you hear silence by Shashi Deshpande summary?

“I had finally learned it at last, no queries, no retorts, simply stillness,” Deshpande shows a lady who is attempting to break free from a “long silence” that began in childhood. Women’s autonomy and self-hood, according to Deshpande, are linked to sexuality and identity, and she investigates the body as a site of subjection and societal control.

Who is the charioteer in my beloved charioteer?

Answer: Shashi Deshpande places a strong emphasis on gender in her literature. When she wrote her short novel “MY BELOVED CHARIOTEER,” she attempted to depict the connections between a grandmother, a mother, and a daughter at various periods of their lives. Grandmother is the eldest of the family members and is responsible for the well-being of everyone in the house.

When was Deshpande’s short story The Awakening published?

The Awakening is a book written by Kate Chopin that was first published in 1899.

Who is the protagonist of the novel That Long Silence?

‘Jaya,’ the main character of this tale, is the soul protagonist whose total control was taken over by her husband Mohan upon their marriage. Deshpande portrays Jaya’s inner turmoil and her search for her own self or identity in a realistic and compelling manner.

What are the themes of the novel That Long Silence by Shashi Deshpande?

Contemporary writers’ fiction is frequently characterized by topics such as the man-woman connection, marital strife, gender discrimination, delineation of self, quest for identity, male hegemony and female submission, power and sexual politics, and so on.

Why does Jaya’s father name her Jaya in That Long Silence?

Its idea holds that men and women should be treated equally in all aspects of life, including politics, economics, and social situations. Jaya, which means triumph in Hindi, was given to her by her father when she was born, and Suhasini, which was given to her after her marriage and means “soft, smiling, peaceful, motherly lady,” was given to her by her husband.

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What is the meaning of the beloved charioteer?

Why is this important? In ‘The Beloved Charioteer,’ a short story by Shashi Deshpande, the miserable lives of two widowed ladies is shown. They are a mother and a daughter team. The two sons do not survive, and the girl has a strong attachment to her father.

How does Aarti spend most of her time?

She spends the most of her time in her father’s room, smoking and looking at the walls with a blank expression on her face She does not take a bath and does not get up until a late hour in the morning. By the time she gets up, her mother would already be in the kitchen preparing lunch. Ajji would be able to tell that Aarti has gotten up because of the sounds she makes.

What is the purpose of The Awakening?

The Awakening is a novel that depicts a woman’s longing to discover and live fully inside her own identity. Her commitment to that goal causes her to clash with her friends and family, and it also runs counter to the prevalent ideals of her generation. It is set in 1890s Louisiana, amid the upper-class Creole society of the day, that Edna Pontellier’s narrative takes place.

What is the message of The Awakening?

The ideas of independence, societal expectations, and desire are the central concerns of The Awakening. Edna has a sense of liberation while on Grand Isle, which she attributes to both her romance with Robert and her temporary release from the responsibilities of being a homemaker. Her prior existence has become unpleasant as a result of this little taste of freedom.

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How does Shashi Deshpande explore the world of middle class Indian marriage in her short story The intrusion?

The title tale, “The Intrusion,” is about a newlywed lady whose sense of self-worth is shattered by her husband’s horrible treatment of her, whom she perceives as an invader. On several occasions, Deshpande is critical of female characters in the short works under consideration, pointing out their self-effacing nature.

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