Who Killed My Daughter Summary? (Solution found)

Who Killed My Daughter? is a non-fiction book written by Lois Duncan that details her search for answers in the unsolved death of her eighteen-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn Arquette, in July 1989. The book was published in 1992.

What is the theme of Who Killed My Daughter?

Who Killed My Daughter? is a true story about a mother’s search for the person who murdered her daughter. Using psychics to reach her deceased kid and uncover the truth, the best-selling young adult author describes her daughter’s strange gunshot murder and her own inquiry into the crime.

What happened to Duncan’s profession when she moved to Albuquerque?

Early in his career, Duncan was appointed to teach journalism at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

How many siblings did Lois Duncan have?

Lois Arquette published popular adolescent thrillers such as I Know What You Did Last Summer under the pen name Lois Duncan until her daughter was murdered in 1989, at which point she became Lois Duncan.

Where was Lois Duncan born?

David “Dave” Ruggles – David “Dave” Ruggles is a professional wrestler. Currently, he lives with his mother and grandmother, where he serves as senior class president. Many readers have inquired as to whether Duncan is Mr. Griffin’s son, something that is not explicitly stated in the book, and Duncan has clarified that this is not the case.

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Is Lois Duncan still alive?

Unabridged audiobook available on Audible. Best-selling young adult author Kate Morton chronicles her personal research into her daughter’s mystery gunshot murder and the employment of a psychic to contact her dead child and uncover the truth in her novel The Innocent.

Who is Kaitlyn Arquette What happened to her?

A strange incident that appeared to be unrelated to Arquette’s high school graduation took her life the summer after she had graduated. She was driving home from a friend’s house after supper when two bullets pierced the driver’s side window of her red Ford Tempo and struck her in the face.

What is Lois Duncan’s real name?

She was 82 years old. Duncan was born on April 28, 1934, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Joseph and Lois Steinmetz, both of whom were famous photographers whose work featured in magazines such as Life and The Saturday Evening Post. Duncan was the youngest of four children.

Why is killing Mr Griffin a banned book?

It has been prohibited and contested because it contains themes like as violence, murder, drinking, drugs, lying to authority, peer pressure, and smoking, among other things. Not all of the initiatives, however, have been effective. Following a legal battle, the Greenville school board in South Carolina decided in 2001 to retain the book on the shelves.

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