Who Are You Today Maria Summary?

What is the story’s overall arc and premise? Maria addresses the antagonism that exists at her school as well as the concept of “costume day.” Maria tries on numerous pieces for her costume and explains why she picked each one of them. Maria demonstrates to Abuela the many components of her outfit. Maria proudly wears her outfit to school and is pleased with her appearance.

What is the conflict in Who Are You Today Maria?

conflict. Maria is having trouble deciding on an outfit for school. She needs to dress up for a class and she also has to display her religious affiliation through her clothing, and she is unable to make a decision.

What can you infer about Maria’s relationship with her grandmother?

From Maria’s words, what can you deduce about her connection with her grandmother? She has a strong affection for her grandma, mostly because she adores her grandmother’s Shawl, which she considers to be her most valued item. (It demonstrates that Abuela is an important component of her identity.)

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Why is the shawl important to abuela in Who Are You Today María?

What is the significance of the shawl to Abuela in the film “Who Are You Today, Maria?” Her mother knitted the scarf she is wearing now. It was too pricey. She acquired it while she was on a trip in Mexico.

What does Abuela give Maria to wear in Who Are You Today Maria?

Maria receives her scarf from Abuela. Maria proudly wears her outfit to school and is pleased with her appearance.

How does Maria decide what to wear in Who Are You Today Maria?

What factors influence Mara’s decision on what to dress in “Who Are You Today, Mara?” Mara’s pals advise her on what she should dress based on their observations. Mara chooses pieces of clothes that are symbolic of family members and close friends.. 9.

What is the medicine bag story about?

During the course of this short narrative, a boy’s Sioux grandfather pays him a visit with the express aim of presenting him a medicine bag, which is a tiny leather bag that includes sacred things, herbs, and family symbols. It is customary for people to conceal a medicine bag beneath their clothing in order to provide protection and good health.

How does Maria’s environment affect her in Who Are You Today Maria?

Maria is influenced by her surroundings since, when she is asked to demonstrate her culture at school, she does not know much about her own culture, which makes her vulnerable. In addition, deciding what to wear to school might be tough.

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What type of community does Maria live in?

that she is subjected to a great deal of bullying at school Because it is a school with a uniform, students can only exhibit their individuality when they are dressed appropriately for the activities they will be participating in during the narrative. And then there are the lads who despise the concept of dressing up for any occasion.

What bothers Martin about bringing his friends home to meet his grandfather?

It’s a source of concern for Martin that his friends will make fun of his grandfather and himself. He is concerned that his granddad will make him seem bad. On page 245, Martin expresses his dissatisfaction with the fact that his friends are accompanying him to his grandfather’s house. Martin is now anticipating getting the bag with a mixture of excitement and dread, but he does not appear to be apprehensive any more.

Why don t Martin and his sister show pictures of their grandpa?

Why aren’t Martin and his sister displaying photographs of their grandfather? They have started making up stories about their grandfather being Joe Iron Shell. They haven’t been totally forthcoming with information about him and his past. They are well aware that their grandfather would be mortified.

Why was Martin embarrassed by his grandfather?

What was it about Grandpa being at Martin’s house that made him feel uncomfortable? The fact that he had made up stories about his native American grandpa was something he didn’t want to be discovered. Q.

Why doesn’t Martin show his grandfather’s photo to his friends?

When Martin and Cheryl were talking about their great grandpa, why did they keep up the exaggeration? “And what was his name?” you might wonder. We never showed our friends Grandpa’s photo because we were embarrassed. Not because we were ashamed of him, but because we were well aware that the flashy stories would not match up with the truth.

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