Which Way Home Summary? (Question)

In this fascinating documentary, a group of young, unaccompanied Central American youngsters fight to make their journey across Mexico in order to eventually reach the United States and cross the border into a new home..

What happens at the end of which way home?

The remarkable thing about Kevin is that, after getting deported back to his home country of Honduras after making it to Houston, Texas, we learn at the conclusion of the film that he departs home a second time and manages to reach the United States.

What happened to Eloy and to Rosario?

Eloy, a 13-year-old Mexican boy, was discovered dead in the Arizona desert a month after he had left his family in Mexico. After that, the body of his cousin Rosario was discovered, but it was in such poor condition that Page 2 had to use DNA to identify him. According to the coroner’s findings, they perished as a result of exposure.

Where is Fito from Which Way Home?

Kevin, who is 13 years old, and Fito, who is 14 years old, are from Honduras. They aim to find employment in the United States. To see the trailer for Which Way Home, please click on the image. This year’s Academy Award nominations include Which Way Home, for which Rebecca Cammisa has been nominated.

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Where is Yurico from Which Way Home?

In Tapachula, Chiapas, Yurico, a 17-year-old Mexican who ran away from his mother, has been living on the streets since he was seven years old. Yurico states that he has spent his whole life begging and sleeping on the streets, stealing, and doing drugs; he does, however, make some money by washing buses at the city depot on occasion.

Why does Yuriko want to come to the United States?

Yurico de Jesus is traveling to the United States for a variety of reasons. He want to be adopted and to start a family, and he wishes for someone to care about him.

What is La Bestia Mexico?

La Bestia (“The Beast”), also known as El tren de la muerte (“The death train”) and El tren de los desconocidos (“The train of the unknowns”), is a freight train that begins its journey in Chiapas state, in southern Mexico, near the border with Guatemala and travels into the country’s interior.

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