Which Is The Best Summary Of The Final Paragraph Of The Crisis, Number Iv? (Solution)

Which of the following is the most accurate statement of the closing paragraph of The Crisis, Volume IV? Paine warns General Howe that the colonies would continue to struggle for their freedom despite the defeat at Yorktown.

Which rhetorical device does Thomas Paine use in the excerpt from the American crisis?

To adequately substantiate his assertion that Britain has mistreated them and that they should revolt, Thomas Paine employs rhetorical strategies throughout his essay “The Crisis: number one,” which may be found here. Paine used a metaphor in the first paragraph of the text to demonstrate just how horrible British rule is in reality.

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What does the origin of the Robin suggest about Ojibwa views of the parent/child relationship quizlet?

When it comes to the parent-child connection, what does “The Origin of the Robin” imply about Ojibwa perspectives? It shows that youngsters were encouraged to express their dissatisfaction with their parents when required.

Why is the origin of Robin considered a myth?

What is it about “The Origin of the Robin” that makes it a creation myth? It tells the story of an ancient ceremony that had unanticipated consequences. Iroquois ideals on honor and devotion are exemplified in this piece. It is the story of a little kid who transforms into a robin.

What rhetorical strategy is Paine using when he opens the paragraph with I thank God that I fear not?

Paine’s rhetorical methods (pathos, logos, and ethos) are the final thing he employs to persuade people to secede from Britain, and they are the most effective. The final rhetorical device he employs is the logos. When he says, “I thank God, because I am not afraid,” it is an example of logos. I don’t believe there is any legitimate reason to be afraid.

Which of the following is a central idea in the conclusion of the Declaration of Independence?

A major concept in the conclusion of the Declaration of Independence is which of the following? The colonists have the right to secede from the tyrannical reign of the United Kingdom.

Which statement best describes the theme of this stanza the tide rises the tide falls quizlet?

Likewise, as the tide rises, so does the tide fall. Which of the following statements most accurately captures the topic of this stanza? Nature and people travel in separate directions from one another. Events in the natural world present difficulties for human beings to overcome.

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Which statement best summarizes the fourth paragraph of Chapter I of nature?

Which of the following statements best summarizes the fourth paragraph of Nature’s Chapter I? There is nothing quite as beautiful and enigmatic as nature at its most majestic, which is why it should never be used for human purposes. Despite the fact that it might be difficult to comprehend the workings of nature, the advantages of doing so are enormous.

What does Emerson argue should be the basis of human actions in the second paragraph of self reliance quizlet?

In the second paragraph of “Self-Reliance,” Emerson argues that the foundation of human acts should be based on what? When it comes to Emerson’s core message to his contemporaries in “Self-Reliance,” which phrase best characterizes it? Instead of following the dictates of others, one should follow one’s own conscience.

Which is the best summary of the final paragraph of the crisis number IV quizlet?

Which of the following is the most accurate statement of the closing paragraph of The Crisis, Volume IV? Paine warns General Howe that the colonies would continue to struggle for their freedom despite the defeat at Yorktown.

Which statement most accurately describes Zora Neale Hurston’s writing in John Redding Goes to the sea?

According to you, which of the following statements best defines Zora Neale Hurston’s writing in “John Redding Goes to the Sea”? Hurston’s word choice and usage of regional phrases paint a realistic picture of African American life in the South, which is a central theme of the novel.

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What do these words by Huck’s father reveal about his character?

So, what do Huck’s father’s statements about his son tell about his character? He wishes for Huck to have a better life than he has had himself. He does not feel that Huck will be a successful student in the classroom. He feels that schooling will make Huck feel more superior than he already does.

What powerful emotional appeal does Paine make at the end of this part of his essay to describe the choices facing the colonists?

When Paine describes the alternatives that the colonists must choose at the conclusion of this section of his essay, what powerful emotional appeal does he make? Fears of enslavement, devastation of the countryside, depopulation of towns, and the corrupting of Colonial families by German mercenaries are all addressed by Paine in his essay.

How does Thomas Paine uses personification as a rhetorical technique in the American crisis?

An example of personification in Paine’s article might be found in the statement “that America will never be happy until she is free of foreign rule,” which Paine makes several times (Paine 108). Paine uses this metaphor to compare America to a woman who longs to be free of her despotic ruler, who in this case is Great Britain’s King George III.

Why does Paine believe the British claim of dominance is impious group of answer choices?

Paine believes that the British claim to supremacy is “impious” for a variety of reasons. He thinks that only God has authority over human beings. With this as his primary argument, Paine claims that Britain’s desire to rule the American colonies is incorrect. America is geographically separated from the rest of the globe, allowing it to escape its battles.

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