Where Is Here Summary? (Perfect answer)

“Can you tell me where I am?” This narrative is a little creepy, and it depicts the story of a grown-up guy who returns to his boyhood home for the first time. His unusual behavior when visiting includes displaying various qualities that make him appear to have regressed to the level of a child.

Where Is Here main idea?

Theme. It is possible to deduce the topic of this short narrative in a variety of ways, but I feel the theme was domestic violence. The visitor’s purpose was to inform the youngster that his father was abusive and that things were about to get much worse for him.

Where Is Here conclusion?

“Where Is This Place?” comes to a close. When the father is eventually able to get the stranger to leave the house, the father and mother begin to dispute about who had the idea to bring the stranger into the house in the first place. It appears as though the family and the house are hiding something, and that perhaps the family isn’t quite so typical after all.

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Where Is Here short story setting?

According to Joyce Carol Oates’ short tale “Where Is Here?” the action takes place in a “quiet residential area” on a “November evening around dusk.” The specific location of the narrative is established in the opening sentence of the story by Oates.

Where Is Here climax?

The climax occurs when the guest enters the son’s chamber without the permission of his mother and father. When the son asks him a question, he tells him that the answer will come to him one day. This makes the father enraged, and he tells the stranger that the visit will be terminated.

What motivated Joyce Carol Oates to write Where is here?

Gothic literature was inspired by the novels of Ann Radcliffe, an English writer, as well as the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe, who both influenced Joyce Carol Oates’ writing. “Horror is an unavoidable part of life,” she has stated.

Where is here why has the stranger come to visit the house?

Is there a reason why the stranger has come to the house? He was in town on business, and the location happened to be his childhood home.

Where is here Oates meaning?

“Where is Here?” is a gothic narrative in which Oates painstakingly creates the foundations and aspects of spookiness through conversation, language, and the interplay between individuals. In a nutshell, “Where is Here?” depicts an unexpected encounter between a guest and a family of four who are “living in a tranquil residential neighborhood.”

What happened first in the story where is here?

What was the first thing that happened in the narrative “Where is Here?” The mysterious visitor enters the garage. a forced civility that becomes increasingly strained as the tale progresses The stranger is enraged by the father’s behavior.

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How does the father react to the stranger’s request to look around?

What is the father’s reaction to the stranger’s request to take a look about the house? The stranger is originally invited inside by the father, who then allows him to take a look around outside. The mother is uncomfortable with the presence of a stranger on their property and holds the father responsible for allowing it.

What is the mood of the story where is here?

The stranger’s request for a look around elicits a reaction from the father. The stranger is originally invited inside by the father, who then allows him to have a look around outdoors before welcoming him back inside. With a stranger on their home, the mother feels uncomfortable and accuses her husband of being the one who allowed it to happen.

Where is here what are the initial suspicions that the mother has about the stranger?

What are the mother’s first impressions of the stranger? What are her immediate concerns? She’s jittery, she may be a thief, and she’s troubled. What changes do the rooms appear to have undergone since the stranger’s arrival? The colors started to fade and the lights started to flicker.

How would you describe the setting of where is here and how does it match the modern gothic model?

“Where Is Here?” takes place in an environment that you would define as “modern Gothic,” and how does it compare to the Modern Gothic model? The action takes place in a family house in a typical town. Normal and ordinary= elements that are suited for them.

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How old is the stranger in where is here?

Characters who stand out: Stranger: He or she is around 50 years old and has previously resided in the residence. She was raised in an abusive household and walks with a limp.

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been ending?

Finally, the character Connie in the novel “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” whose different psychological difficulties have been explored in this article comes to the conclusion that she does in the tale as a result of her uncertainty, poor self-esteem, and fear of intimacy, among other factors.

Where is here how does the sense of mystery and tension increase as the story progresses?

How does the feeling of mystery and anxiety grow as the tale progresses? What are some examples? It gradually becomes apparent that the stranger is suffering from a mental illness. He doesn’t appear to be aware that he isn’t welcome in this place. He also begins to utter bizarre things such as “we’ve all been dead-they’ve all been dead-for a long time,” and “we’ve all been dead-they’ve all been dead-for a long time.”

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