When You Are Old Summary?

“When You Are Old” is a poem written by the Irish poet William Butler Yeats that is set in the future. It was published in Yeats’ second collection, The Rose (1893), where the speaker urges someone to consider the future, implying that the person being addressed may come to regret not returning the speaker’s affections in the future.

What is the main idea of when you are old?

Several important themes emerge in “When You Are Old,” including love and rejection, as well as the passage of time. When the poet wants to convey genuine love, he invites her to have a glimpse into the future, when she will be old and no longer be surrounded by impersonators. For this reason, she needs to grasp what he is thinking about her.

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When you are old 2nd PUC English summary?

In ‘When You Are Old,’ the poet employs a temporal frame in which the speaker addresses his lady love in the present, transports her to an illusory state in the future, and asks her to recollect her memories from the past, all in the same poem. It is his intention to do so in order to encourage or warn her not to disregard him and make a poor decision in the future.

When you are old last stanza meaning?

Many people believe that this poem is about the unrequited love between the speaker, who is assumed to be Yeats, and his previous girlfriend. Finally, in the final verse, the speaker reminds his former girlfriend that she should keep in mind that their love did not last and that she should be filled with remorse as a result of this.

What does pilgrim soul means in when you are old?

“Pilgrim soul” may relate to Gonne’s independent state of mind, or it may refer to her support for independence and Irish nationalism, depending on who you ask. Yeats’ mind, on the other hand, sees it as something distinct from the more fleeting aspects of her beauty, and hence separates it from them. The third stanza appears to be densely filled with significance and strength.

What does the poem When You are Old reflect?

Love and beauty are two of life’s greatest pleasures. In the poem “When You Are Old,” the poet exposes the complexity of love in a bittersweet manner. Traditionally, the poem is said to be written to Maud Gonne, an Irish actress with whom Yeats was obsessed throughout his life (which is why we’ve used both masculine and female pronouns in this guide).

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When You are Old is a poem of contrasts explain?

The poet imagines a fantastical scenario in which the woman he adored had grown elderly and felt remorse for having turned down his genuine love. In order to convey such a matter, the poet use exquisite and calm phrases, as well as contrasts, to create images: The juxtaposition of her exquisite youth and her dismal old age is depicted in the opening verse of the poem.

How is the journey from youth to old age described in the poem?

In the poem ‘when you are old,’ the journey from youth to old age is beautifully recounted in a way that touches the hearts of the audience. According to this poetry, as one begins to grow old, all of the difficulties and problems that he has endured will be seen in the shape of wrinkles on his face.

What is the rhyming scheme of the poem when you are old?

A beautiful poetry by William Butler Yeats, “When You are Old,” is a poem that is both meaningful and beautiful in its tone, thanks to its perfect rhyme system and its excellent rhyme scheme. ABBA, CDDC, and EFFE are the three schemes.

When you are old poem meaning in Hindi?

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When you are old glowing bars?


How does Yeats describe an aged man?

A tattered coat upon a stick, as the poet describes an aged (old) person in the first line of this stanza, is a metaphor for old age, which is presented as an old worn-out coat hung on a stick. In line 10 of the poem, the poet uses another metaphor to describe old age, which is presented as an old worn-out coat hung on a stick.

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What image does the poet use in the poem when you are old?

e) a throng of celebrities The author employs the following imagery in the poem: grey hair, a head full of slumber, nodding by the fire, deep shadows of eyes, the anguish of a changing face, bright bars, and so much more.

What news made Basavaiah glad?

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What does Yeats say about his beloved eyes?

You Can Put This Book Down When You’re Old and Grey ” WHEN you’re old and grey and full of sleep, and nodding by the fire, put this book down. And carefully read, while daydreaming about the gentle look Your eyes had formerly been immersed in the darkness of their own; How many people adored your moments of joyous grace, and how many people adored your beauty with fake or sincere love, but only one man adored the pilgrim.

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