When We Believed In Mermaids Summary? (Best solution)

Of a misplaced adolescent who had become a member of their family. And of a traumatic event that has followed Kit and Josie throughout their lives. If two sisters are ever to be reunited, it will only be via the discovery of long-buried secrets and the acceptance of a heartbreaking reality that has kept them apart for far too long.

What is the theme of when we believe in mermaids?

The novel When We Believed in Mermaids is more than a mystery; it is also a narrative of childhood—and innocence—lost, as well as the long-buried secrets, lies, and betrayals that two sisters must confront in order to make themselves complete as adults.

When we believed in mermaids What happened to Josie?

Kit is convinced that her sister is no longer alive. Josie had perished in a train catastrophe in France, and her family was devastated. Then she and her mother both watch Kit on the news talking about a nightclub fire in New Zealand, which they both find disturbing. They come to the conclusion that Kit should leave California and try to determine if this person is Josie.

Who is Mari in when we believed in mermaids?

Mari, formerly known as Josie, is not what she appears to be on the surface. She is deluding herself into believing a dreadful untruth in order to live the perfect existence. The one thing she doesn’t want to happen is for her sister Kit to arrive out of nowhere and shatter her web of lies, but things quickly spiral out of her control as a result of her actions.

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Who wrote when we believed in mermaids?

When We Believed in Mermaids, a New York Times bestseller novel, author Barbara O’Neal tells the thrilling and dramatic story of two sisters who are ripped apart by a terrorist assault in her debut novel.

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