When Rain Clouds Gather Summary? (Solved)

The exiles who have collected in a poverty-stricken community in the heart of rural Botswana have found refuge in this place. An agricultural specialist from England joins forces with a political fugitive from South Africa to challenge the long-established subsistence farming system and archaic ways of living in the African bush.

What is the theme of when rain clouds gather?

When Rain Clouds Gather by Bessie Head has a strong theme of tribalism running through it. When Rain Clouds Gather, a novel by Bessie Head, follows the difficulties and sufferings of Makhaya, a South African refugee who has fled to the United States. He is suffering from internal affects that are interfering with his state of mind and his ability to maintain emotional detachment.

Who is the main character in when rain clouds gather?

Characters in the story of Bessie Head. Jami B. is the central character. Dinorego has brought him to Golema Mmidi as a refugee from South Africa, where he has been living.

Who is Paulina in when rain clouds gather?

Paulina is a single mother to her two children, who live with her. During the majority of the year, Paulina’s son, who is eight years old, works at the cattle station in exchange for which she gets payments that allow her and her daughter to survive. Famine strikes the cattle post, and the men who have been stationed there must return to their villages since many of their livestock have died.

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What type of novel is when rain clouds gather?

Paulina is a single mother to her two children, which she raises on her own In exchange for Paulina receiving funds that allow her and her daughter to survive, her eight-year-old son works at the cattle station for most of the year. Famine strikes the livestock post, and the men who have been stationed there are forced to return to their homes in their communities.

What are the types of novel?

There are three types of novels that are typically classified as literary fiction, genre fiction, and mainstream fiction.

Where do rain clouds gather?

“When Rain Clouds Gather,” a novel written by Bessie Head in 1969, is set in Botswana, a country that shares a border with South Africa to the north. As far back as the oldest humans can remember, the country has been occupied by hunter-gatherers like as the San and Khoi, with Bantu-speaking people beginning to cultivate approximately 200 AD.

What else has Bessie Head written?

The setting for the most of Bessie Head’s noteworthy works is Serowe. This is the setting for the books When Rain Clouds Gather (1968), Maru (1971), and A Question of Power (1973), all of which are set in the same time period.

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