When My Name Was Keoko Summary? (Solved)

The action of this narrative takes place in Korea during the late 1940s. The story of Sun-Hee and her brother Tae-Yul is presented from their respective points of view in this novel. They, as well as all other Korean nationals, are being compelled to acquire new names in Japanese in order to comply with a new law enacted by the Japanese government.

When my name was keoko themes?

When I Used to Go By the Name of Keoko

  • Published by Clarion Books in 2002, with an ISBN of 9780618133352.
  • Themes include: family, identity, occupation, tradition, and World War II.
  • Descriptors include: historical fiction, intermediate (ages 9-14), Korea, and young adult. 208 pages
  • ISBN: 9780618133352.

When my name was keoko character descriptions?

When My Name Was Keoko by Linda Sue Park is a novel that is currently in the works. “A mistake committed with good intentions is still a mistake, but it is one for which you must accept responsibility.” It’s possible to burn the paper, but not the words. ” You can mute the words, but you can’t stop the thoughts.

Why my name was keoko?

The Japanese had occupied Korea in 1910, and as the conflict approaches, the Japanese are increasing their demands on the Koreans. Food is becoming scarcer, and Koreans, who have long been barred to study their own culture and language, are now forced to adopt Japanese names. As a result, Sun-hee is renamed Keoko.

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What reading level is when my name is keoko?

The ISBN for this book is 0547394098. Lexile Reading Level 610L is the reading level required.

What genre is when my name is keoko?

Children between the ages of ten and fourteen.

How old was my name when keoko reads?

Children between the ages of ten and fourteen

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