When I Was Fair And Young Summary? (Solution)

The poem “While I Was Fair and Young,” written by Queen Elizabeth I, tells the story of a young woman who was courted by various suitors when she was young. She turned them all down because she was overconfident in herself. Later, after being retaliated against by Cupid for her coyness, she became restless.

What does how many sighing hearts I have not skill to show mean?

* “I don’t know how many sighing hearts I have not the ability to show”: Litotes: Although the impact is the same as with exaggeration, the technique is not the same. It indicates that she has shattered so many hearts that she is unable to express herself adequately.

What does how many weeping eyes I made to Pine in woe?

Regardless of how many tearful eyes I caused to languish in despair, how many moaning hearts I have not the talent to demonstrate, yet I grew more confident, and this was the message I received: “Go, go, go,” “Seek some other place,” “Importune me no longer.”

What is Elizabeth saying in the poem on Monsieur’s departure?

Elizabeth communicates the sadness that arises as a result of this disappointment, but also acknowledging and understanding the other person’s point of view. Her predicament is that she must repress her feelings. The poet uses a melancholy tone to convey himself in the poem.

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What does pine in woe mean?

The Webster’s Third New International Dictionary. Pinenoun. a state of distress; misery; agony.

What is the tone of Queen Elizabeth’s speech at Tilbury?

There is a genuineness to the entire tone or attitude of the discourse.

What is the speaker asking for in the first line of stanza 3 when she says some gentler passion slide into my mind?

In the third stanza of ‘On Monsieur’s Departure,’ she is appealing with her former lover, as well as with Love itself, to allow her to experience something new and unexpected. She requests that a “gentler desire” enter her consciousness. Due to the fact that she is “soft” and frail, like “melting snow,” she is no longer able to endure the feelings she is experiencing.

When did Queen Elizabeth write on Monsieur’s departure?

The letter was written in connection with Monsieur’s ultimate departure from the country in 1582. Elizabeth I: Collected Works is the source for this information.

What are pine trees?

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