When By Victoria Laurie Summary? (Solution found)

In order to supplement her family’s income, Maddie is forced to utilize her talent to predict the death of a client’s young son. However, because her gift only enables her to see the when and not the how, Maddie is unable to provide any more information about the child’s death.

What happened at the end of when by Victoria Laurie?

By the end of the novel, Laurie has resolved the situation, and it is a pivotal moment in the story when Maddie comes to a complete understanding of her mother’s troubles. Maddie – She had the appearance of a teenager, which is not often the case with young adult fiction. The grownups — They really exist in this novel, believe it or not!

What is when by Victoria Laurie about?

“Maddie Fynn is a quiet high school student who has been cursed with an unsettling intuitive talent that is completely beyond of her control – an ability that has landed her in the middle of a murder investigation.” Within a short period of time, Maddie becomes embroiled in a homicide investigation, as additional young people go missing and are eventually discovered slain.

What is the setting in when by Victoria Laurie?

Setting. On the outskirts of New York City, in a little suburban community. In the year 2014, the months of December and February were the most active. 2) As a result of Maddie informing Stubby about Payton’s impending death, Stubby sends a letter to Payton informing her of a possible accident in which she may be involved.

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Is Victoria Laurie still writing?

Victoria has authored more than 26 novels to date, and she is currently working on a few more. Her most well-known novels include The Psychic Eye Mysteries and The Ghost Hunter Mysteries, both of which are set in the same world. She had intended to write a couple of novels in the Psychic Eye series and then move on to pursue some other interest after that.

Who are the main characters in the book when by Victoria Laurie?

Viewpoint from the perspective of the reader

  • Maddie Fynn is a fictional character created by author Maddie Fynn. Maddie has the ability to see the date on which you will die, Donny. Donny is Maddie’s uncle, according to Arnaold and Stubby. Maddie’s greatest and only buddy is Stubby, according to Faraday. Agent Faraday is a member of the FBI’s Special Investigations Division. Ma is Maddie’s mother, and she is also a heroin addict.
  • Wallace is Maddie’s boyfriend.

Is there a book called When?

Editorial Reviews are written by professional editors. Victoria Laurie is the New York Times bestselling author of the highly acclaimed YA novel When, as well as the upcoming Forever, Again. She lives in New York City with her husband and two children. You may learn more about her and her works by visiting her website, victorialaurie.com.

How old is Maddie in the book when?

The author maintains Maddie’s chronological age (16), which is deserving of a five-star rating in and of itself for this genre. Although she isn’t a super-girl who can take it all in with a stoic attitude, she is fearful and reacts correctly to events without coming across as whiney.

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