What Of This Goldfish Would You Wish Summary? (Solution)

Summary of the plot (1) It is an adaptation of Etgar Keret’s famous short tale ‘What Of This Goldfish Would You Wish?’ in which a young guy named Yoni (Jason Ritter) sets out to produce a documentary on the secret longings of ordinary people in America.

What of this goldfish would you wish short story summary?

Yonatan, a young Israeli child, decides to film a documentary in which he asks random people what they would want for if they were given the opportunity to purchase a magical goldfish that granted them three wishes. The youngster comes across a Russian man named Sergei, who is unable to communicate well in Hebrew and does not grasp it very well.

What is the main idea of what of this goldfish would you wish?

The moral of this story is to be cautious with your money since you never know when you might need to put it to good use.

What of this goldfish would you wish ending explained?

What happens at the conclusion of the story? With the help of the goldfish, Sergei is granted his third wish: to bring Yoni back from the grave. Sergei is now completely alone, since the goldfish has been released.

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What of this goldfish would you wish Sergei wishes?

“In order to grant my request,” Sergei explains. “This is my last.” When the fish is actually thrilled, he swishes his fish tail back and forth in the water, just as he does when he’s not. Sergei recognizes this behavior. The goldfish can already taste the freedom that awaits them.

What was Sergei’s last wish?

Sergei seemed to be enjoying his newfound connection with the goldfish. It dawned on him that he would be lonely without the goldfish, but he recognized that he had made the correct decision by utilizing his final wish to save Yoni’s life, which brought him happiness in the process.

What is this goldfish question?

The terms in this collection (9)

  • What was the inspiration for Yonatan’s documentary?
  • What exactly did the elderly lady desire? Is there anything that a Holocaust survivor wishes for? What is Sergei’s first reaction when Yoni knocks on his door? What is the source of Sergei’s crazy reaction? What role does Sergei’s cultural background have in explaining his reaction?

Why does Yonatan come to Sergei door?

In terms of his documentary, what was Yonatan’s inspiration? I’m curious as to what the elderly woman want. Is there anything that a Holocaust survivor would like? What is Sergei’s first reaction when Yoni knocks on the door? What is the source of Sergei’s crazy response? When it comes to his reaction, how does Sergei’s cultural background come into play?

What type of character is Sergei?

Sergei’s paranoia is the defining characteristic that shapes all of his other characteristics and demeanor. The result of this is that he becomes hostile in order to protect himself since he believes that no one would want to have any kind of relationship with him unless they had an ulterior goal. As a result, he has no social contacts, which makes him feel alone and lonely.

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Why did Sergei save his last wish?

He attempts to persuade Sergei to use his final desire to assist Yoni in order for the goldfish to be released. In order to have someone to talk to when he returned home, he was reserving his final wish for something special and to keep the goldfish around for a longer period of time.

What were Sergei’s three wishes?

What are the three desires, and what are they? All three of his wishes demonstrate that he acts in the best interests of others rather than putting himself first. In order to cure his sister of cancer, treat Sveta’s son without informing her how it happened, and return Yonatan back to life, Sergei must first release the fish free, which is not something he looks forward to.

Why did Sergei decide to live in Jaffa?

What was the driving force behind Sergei’s decision to relocate to Jaffa? No, since he was talking a variety of things at a rapid pace, and his Hebrew isn’t really good. Whether or not Sergei comprehends what the boy (Yonatan) with the earring is saying when he knocks on his door. Mr. Sergei has a handsome and commanding face, and he needs to hire him for a movie project.

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