What Language Is That Summary Uwem Akpan?

Let’s pretend you’re one of them.

First US edition
Author Uwem Akpan
Country Nigeria
Language English
Genre Short Stories


  • Uwem Akpan was born in the Nigerian town of Ikot Akpan Eda, in the southern region of the country. His parents were both teachers. His three siblings and he grew up speaking both English and Annang at the same time. Theology degree from the Catholic University of East Africa in Kenya, where he had previously studied humanities and philosophy at Creighton University and Gonzaga University.

What language is that say you’re one of them summary?

In the short novella “What Language Is That,” two girls grow up in Ethiopia during the time of the arbitrary division between Christian and Muslim territories. The girls, who are both six years old, grew up in close proximity to one another, almost as if they were sisters.

Where is Uwem Akpan?

Uwem currently resides in Gainesville, Florida, where she works as a writing instructor at the University of Florida’s writing department.

What is the book say you’re one of them about?

The story revolves around a 10-year-old boy (who serves as the narrator) and his younger sister, whose parents had perished as a result of AIDS. The little boy is first relieved that his uncle has taken them in, but he soon realizes that he and his sister are about to be sold into slavery.

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What does Akpan mean?

A large part of the name’s popularity stems from the fact that it is the title/name given to every firstborn male child of the Ibibio/Efik ethnic group. And the importance of this may be seen in the definition of the term “meaning.” “The most important thing” or “of great worth” is generally translated into English as “the most essential thing” or “of great worth.”

Where is Akpan and oduma from?

Nigerian comedians, content creators, and television personalities Akpan and Oduma are well-known in their own country. Wap TV and social media platforms serve as launch pads for their respective works, which have received widespread acclaim across the country from their respective fan communities.

Who is Adekunle Salawu?

Adekunle Salawu is a prolific writer who has a lifelong enthusiasm for television, which he shares with his wife. He is a Nigerian who hails from the Boripe Local Government Area of Osun State. He was born and raised in the Lagos State capital. As an Economics graduate from The Lagos State University, he decided to put his Bs. degree in Social Science on hold so that he may follow his true interest, screenwriting.

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