What Is Blue Ocean Strategy Summary?

BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY is the pursuit of distinctiveness while keeping costs as low as possible in order to open up new market space and generate new demand. Create and capture uncontested market space in order to render the competitors insignificant.

  • In business, the Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) is a strategic organizational strategy that is founded on the notion that corporations should avoid engaging in a competitive fight and instead should concentrate their efforts on uncontested markets.

What is the meaning of blue ocean strategy?

The term “Blue Ocean Strategy” refers to a market for a product in which there is no competition or just extremely little competition, according on the definition. When there is no longer any competition or competition that is unimportant, a blue ocean exists and the opportunity for increased earnings occurs.

What is a blue ocean strategy give some examples?

A blue ocean can only be found in a given moment and place. As examples of blue ocean firms, Ford and Apple are two notable corporations that have established their own blue oceans by offering high levels of product differentiation at cheap prices, hence raising the barriers to entry for competitors.

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What are the 4 steps in the blue ocean strategy process?


  1. Step 1: Recognize your current leadership situation. Step 2: Develop alternative Leadership Profiles. Step 3: Select to-be Leadership Profiles. Step 4: Institutionalize new leadership practices. Step 1: Recognize your current leadership situation.

What can we learn from Blue Ocean Strategy?

The Blue Ocean Strategy is concerned with how to avoid competition and develop ground-breaking commercial strategies. To genuinely innovate for our consumers, Kim and Mauborgne argue that we should seek beyond our usual industry borders to find inspiration. We can create whole new market demand rather than merely competing for existing market share.

What is the goal of a blue ocean strategy quizlet?

Is there a specific purpose to a blue-ocean strategy? The success of ByGeorge Marketing PR has been attributed to its dedication to the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises, which are sometimes disregarded by larger competitors. ByGeorge Marketing PR has a modest but very profitable market share in its region.

What is a Blue Ocean Strategy How is it different from the red ocean strategy?

Red ocean strategy forces a company to choose between increasing customer value or lowering its pricing for the sake of survival. Those that follow a blue ocean approach, on the other hand, aim to attain both distinction and low cost while simultaneously opening up a new market sector.

Who uses blue ocean strategy?

Netflix. Netflix, a well-known subscription-based streaming service, was the first corporation to employ the blue ocean model in its operations.

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How do you use blue ocean strategy?

How to Make a Blue Ocean Shift in Five Steps

  1. Choose the appropriate scope for your blue ocean effort and inspire confidence among your team members. After that, make a crystal clear assessment of the existing situation. Recognize the underlying limits that you may leverage to create possibilities. From the large vision to the creation of realistic blue ocean possibilities is the first step.

Why is 4 Action Framework important?

The four-action framework identifies four critical steps that must be taken into consideration while refining current goods. They are as follows: increase, reduce, eliminate, and develop. For the purpose of plotting the available consumer items in a market against the company’s capacity to create value and so remain competitive over time.

How many principles are there in blue ocean strategy?

The Blue Ocean Strategy Formulation Process Is Based On Four Fundamental Principles It recommends that you use the remove, decrease, increase, and construct structure given below to develop a plan that will allow you to establish uncontested market space.

What is Blue Ocean Leadership Theory?

From the inside out, the Blue Ocean Leadership Theory seeks to totally transform the way a business operates, beginning with its employees. This approach, rather of just concentrating on the sale, emphasizes staff satisfaction, with the belief that by focusing on employee satisfaction, more sales would be generated in the long run.

Is blue ocean strategy effective?

The blue ocean approach is a risk-minimizing strategy that maximizes opportunities while minimizing risks. Of course, dangers will always be present in any approach, whether it is red or blue. The blue ocean method, on the other hand, is a reliable mechanism for mitigating risks and increasing the likelihood of success.

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Is blue ocean strategy sustainable?

The alignment of all three strategy propositions in favor of both distinctiveness and low cost is critical to a successful blue ocean strategy with long-term viability.

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