What Is A Summary Suspension? (Solved)

A summary suspension is an administrative law proceeding in which a court suspends a license immediately upon receipt of complaints and prior to holding a full hearing on the case, according to the American Bar Association. Summary suspensions are often granted when it is determined that, given the accusations, the suspension is essential to preserve the safety or public health of the community.

How do you beat a summary suspension?

According to administrative law, a summary suspension is an action in which an administrative law judge suspends a license upon receipt of allegations and before a full hearing on the case is held. Summary suspensions are often granted when it is determined that, given the accusations, the suspension is essential to safeguard the public’s safety or health.

What is a summary suspension hearing Illinois?

When your license has been suspended for a brief period of time, you have the right to appeal the reason or reasons for the suspension. This is NOT a trial in which your guilt or innocence will be determined. It is a civil hearing in front of a judge, who will determine whether or not to “sustain” your driver’s license suspension or whether or not to “rescind” your suspension of your driving privileges.

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How do I revoke a summary suspension in Illinois?

The statute of limitations requires that a petition to rescind be submitted in the circuit court of venue within 90 days following the serving of the notice of summary suspension in order to oppose it. 625 ILCS 5/2-118.1 (Illinois Code of Civil Procedure) (b). When it comes to a summary suspension hearing, the petitioner has the duty of proving his or her case.

What does petition to rescind mean?

It is possible that the most crucial aspect of fighting a DUI case is the petition to rescind. Following the filing of the complaint, the motorist is entitled to a hearing within 30 days. The sole exception is if the initial court appearance is scheduled more than 30 days in advance. In this scenario, the hearing is permitted to take place on the first scheduled court appearance.

How do I get my license back in Illinois?

How can I reclaim my driver’s license?

  1. I’ve maintained a clean driving record. I’ve had an alcohol and drug screening. Completing an alcohol/drug rehabilitation program is required. Meet with a hearing officer from the Department of State. Provide evidence of your financial responsibilities. Payment of the $500 reinstatement cost as well as the application fee.

What is a confirmation of statutory summary suspension?

Upon receiving your “Confirmation of Statutory Summary Suspension,” the Secretary of State will notify you that your driving privileges will be suspended. The confirmation also grants the Judge in your case the ability (jurisdiction) to consider a Petition to Rescind the Statutory Summary Suspension that has been filed against you.

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What is a SSS hearing Illinois?

When charged with a DUI, the first obstacle one must overcome is the impending Statutory Summary Suspension (SSS) (“SSS”). An administrative suspension is in force 46 days following the date on which the Notice of Suspension is issued. The subject of the suspension has the right to an administrative hearing in order to oppose its issue under the SSS statute.

What is suspension hearing?

During the hearing, the DMV will attempt to assess whether or not there are sufficient reasons to administratively suspend your driver’s license. For want of a better phrase, to determine if you were driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or whether you refused to submit to chemical testing in violation of the state’s implied consent statutes.

What is a warning to motorist?

Those suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are informed of the repercussions to their driving privileges if they refuse field sobriety tests or consent to testing while exceeding the legal alcohol or drug limit.

What does statutory suspension mean?

In Illinois, a motorist who is arrested for DUI and subsequently “fails,” refuses to submit to, or fails to finish chemical testing is subject to an immediate suspension or revocation of his or her driving privileges under Illinois law.

What is a Notice Order of rescind?

If the contract entered into is voidable, a notice of rescission can be used to terminate it by submitting it to the appropriate party. It essentially relieves the parties from the duties set out in the contract, returning them to the positions they were in before to the contract’s creation or termination.

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