The Teacher Who Changed My Life Summary? (Solution found)

When a Greek refugee is exposed to the literary riches of his own country and encouraged to chronicle his family’s history, he comes to understand the importance of legacy and its power. Nicholas Gage describes his journey to the United States as a refugee when he was nine years old. He is unable to communicate in English. He is sent to a special education class for the mentally impaired.

What is the main idea of the teacher who changed my life?

Once exposed to the literary riches of his homeland and encouraged to recount the tale of his family, a Greek exile comes to understand the power of inheritance. ‘I arrived to the United States when I was nine years old,’ Nicholas Gage remembers his journey as a refugee. He is unable to communicate in English with anyone else in the country. The mentally handicapped are assigned to a separate class from the rest of the class.

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What is the authors purpose in the teacher who changed my life?

Gage’s goal in writing about his experiences was to demonstrate how Miss Hurd, his seventh grade teacher, had a positive impact on his life and pushed him to follow his skill.

What happened to Nicholas’s mother the teacher who changed my life?

Communist rebels shot and tortured her before killing her. She died in order for her children to be reunited with their father, who was living in the United States. What caused the death of Nicholas’ mother, Eleni Gatzoyiannis, and why did she die? He privately blamed him for not getting the entire family out of Greece in time to save his mother’s life, as he had hoped.

What reminds the author of his mother in the teacher who changed my life?

Miss Hurd assisted him in channeling his anguish and pain into writing, which aided him in his career as an investigative reporter and international correspondent. Gage is reminded of his mother throughout the spring season. What is it that makes Gage think about his mother? Gage discovered that writing has the power to transform the lives of those who read it.

Why did Gage’s father buy a new suit when he saw the newspaper photo of his son and President Kennedy?

When Gage’s father saw the newspaper photo of his son with President Kennedy, he immediately went out and bought a new suit. It was anticipated that he will fly to Washington, D.C., to meet with his son and President Obama. For the occasion of accepting the community’s compliments, he desired to be appropriately attired.

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What methods of characterization does gage use to explain his initial impression of his father?

To convey his initial impression of his father, what types of characterisation does Gage employ? A portly, balding, and well-dressed gentleman. What prompted Gage to enroll in Miss Hurd’s English course?

What is the author’s main purpose in writing this essay?

The objective of an author’s work may be to entertain the reader, convince the reader, enlighten the reader, or lampoon a certain situation or issue. An author writes with one of four broad goals in mind when they write: 1. Narrative writing is used by authors to tell a tale or to chronicle events that have occurred.

Which action best characterizes miss hurds love Gage?

What action best exemplifies Miss Hurd’s feelings for Gage and why? She attends all of Gage’s family gatherings.

Why did Miss Hurd tell Nicholas to write about what happened to his family?

Nick was informed by her. Your family’s experience in Greece is something I’d like you to write about. Is there anything specific that Ms. Hurd instructed Nicholas to write about for the class paper? It made him feel sad since it reminded him of the last time he had seen his mother and how much he missed her.

How did Gage meet Miss Hurd?

Miss Hurd was a member of the club where he met her. He was intimidating, with salt and pepper hair, a steely eye, and a flat Boston accent. He had no patience for sloth, and he had no time for it. I’m curious how long Gage worked in the profession of journalism. Was there a particular style of story that Miss Hurd assigned the pupils to read?

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What happened to Nicholas when Miss Hurd instructed him to write about his family’s experience in Greece?

This is where he met the lovely Miss Hurd. With salt and pepper hair, a steely stare, and a flat Boston accent, he was a formidable opponent who had little patience for procrastination. He was also a formidable opponent. I’m curious how long Gage worked in the news industry. I was wondering what kinds of stories Miss Hurd had assigned the class to read.

What led Miss Hurd to take a special interest in Gage when he was a student?

What prompted Miss Hurd to take a particular interest in gage while he was a student of hers? He didn’t comprehend what she was saying, but she recognized potential in his efforts.

Why did Nargus refuse Mr Barker’s offer to speak to the boys who insulted her?

Why did Nargus turn down Mr. Barker’s invitation to talk with the youngsters who had insulted her in the first place? A. She believed that it was necessary to stand up for one’s own rights.

What does I was soon under Miss Hurd’s spell?

“I was quickly sucked into Miss Hurd’s web. She did, in fact, teach us how to publish a newspaper, which I used for the following 25 years of my career as a journalist. Soon after, I approached the principal and requested that I be transferred to her English class as well.

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