The Girl Who Drank The Moon Summary? (Question)

It relates the narrative of Luna, who is the latest in a long series of newborns who have been sacrificed to the forest witch in order to keep their village safe. The story is told through the eyes of Luna. After all, as readers will soon discover, Xan the witch is a compassionate woman who rescues infants and assists them in finding new homes.

What is the main conflict of The Girl Who Drank the Moon?

It’s a wonderful modern fairy tale family, to say the least. One of the novel’s conflicts originates from Luna’s inability to manage her chaotic power when she is still a newborn. Furthermore, Xan’s own power is continually flowing into Luna, causing the old Witch to become more and more depleted and worn out.

What is the moral of the story The Girl Who Drank the Moon?

Lessons, on the other hand, can be tedious. As a result, Kelly Barnhill’s remarkable fourth novel, “The Girl Who Drank the Moon,” teaches readers about oppression, blind devotion, and defying the established quo, all while engrossing them in an enthralling adventure filled with mystical creatures and daring deeds.

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What is the ending of The Girl Who Drank the Moon?

Even though Xan’s life is drawing to a conclusion, Glerk, Fyrian, and Luna remain close by. As a result, she passes away, and Luna goes to her new family — which includes her mother, Antain, his wife, and his kid — to mourn. After Xan is awakened by Glerk, the two walk hand in hand to the Bog.

Does Xan die in The Girl Who Drank the Moon?

Luna learns that her mother’s name is Adara, something she had never known before. The health of Xan and Sister Ignatia deteriorates, and on the day that the first Star Children arrive in the Protectorate, Xan succumbs to bliss. Glerk takes her with him to the Bog, where they spend the night.

What does paper symbolize in the girl who drank the moon?

Symbolic Interpretation of the Paper Birds A representation of hope is shown by the paper birds that the madwoman produces in her cell in the Tower during the course of the tale. As the madwoman eventually realizes that Sister Ignatia lives on the grief and hopelessness of others, she gradually learns how to keep her own melancholy hidden from Sister Ignatia.

How do you describe Luna in the girl who drank the moon?

Luna, the main character, is characterized as having curling black hair and amber complexion, and she is a powerful female heroine. Luna is kidnapped from her family and saved by a kindhearted witch, who raises her with love and care, but who unwittingly endows her with magical abilities in the process.

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Who are the main characters in the girl who drank the moon?

Characters from the novel The Girl Who Drank the Moon

  • Luna. “The moon-drinking girl” is one of the novel’s main characters, as well as the title character. A nice witch who dwells in a swamp in the heart of the forest and is known for her generosity. Sister Ignatia is also known as “The Sorrow Eater.” The adversary of the story.
  • Antain.
  • The Madwoman/Adara.
  • Glerk.
  • Grand Elder Gherland.
  • Fyrian.

What is Chapter 10 about in the girl who drank the moon?

A rock trail leads Xan up to the volcano’s crater, where he spends the night. The castle used to have a large tower, but the tower is no longer there, and the castle is in ruins. Except for one stone, the circle of stones from the courtyard has vanished, and it takes Xan hours to track it down. When she does, she discovers a message cut into the rock by Zosimos: “Don’t forget.

What happened in chapter 14 of the girl who drank the moon?

The plot of the story is on a witch who discovers a baby in the woods. Xan notices that her words have entered Luna’s mind. Xan is most certainly telling Luna some version of how she came to save her when she was a baby—but because Luna is unable to keep anything that has to do with magic, Luna is also accidentally cutting herself off from her own past as a result of her inability to retain magic.

Why did Xan feed moonlight to the baby?

She feels sorry for the infants and transports them to the free city on the other side of the woods, where she places them with a new family in exchange for their care. On their voyage to the Free Cities, Xan will provide them with starlight, which distinguishes them as unique and a blessing.

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