The Boy Who Saved Baseball Summary? (TOP 5 Tips)

The outcome of one baseball game, winner take all, will determine the fate of the Dillontown club. If Tom’s team loses, they will also forfeit their home field. But how on earth are they going to win? Just when it appears that all hope is lost, a strange young man by the name of Cruz de la Cruz comes into town and claims to know the secret of hitting.

What is the climax in the Boy Who Saved baseball?

The climax occurs when Cruz de la Cruz fails to appear for the game. Tom has to hit the game-winning hit in order to keep the baseball park open as well. The conclusion occurs when Doc Altenheimer passes away and transfers ownership of his land to Tom, so saving the baseball field.

Who are the main characters in the book The Boy Who Saved baseball?

The terms in this collection (8)

  • Doc Altenheimer
  • Cruz de la Cruz
  • Mr.
  • Oscar Calabaza
  • Frankie Flores
  • Tom Gallagher
  • Dante Del Gato
  • Hollis B. Town poet who lived in a tree and talked in rhymes.
  • Doc Altenheimer

What is the genre of the boy who saved baseball?

John H. Ritter, Author, has written a children’s book called THE BOY WHO SAVED BASEBALL. Philomel is the main character. ISBN 978-0-399-23622-8 is $17.99 (224 pages).

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Where is the setting of the boy who saved baseball?

Doc, Tom’s elder buddy, is also attempting to rescue the stadium since he enjoys baseball in the town of Dilltown and wants to see it preserved. Mayor Oscar Calabaza wants to demolish the building because he believes the site is extremely valuable. Someone came along one day who happened to be exceptionally talented at baseball. The action of this novel takes place in Dillontown, San Diego, USA.

How does Tom feel right after the team finishes practice?

What does Tom think about the team’s performance immediately following practice? He believes that the squad has a 50/50 probability of winning.

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