Summary Of Who I Am? (Correct answer)

The author of the chapter explains how everyone have a unique quality. Similar to this, it stresses the significance of people and their individuality. In order to better grasp these distinctive characteristics and variety, the book takes us through the lives of six different people. The chapter demonstrates their individuality in their own way.

What I Learnt from the chapter who I am?

The topic of variety is discussed in this lesson. It conveys the message that everyone possesses something unique about themselves. Despite the fact that everyone is different, we all have something in common: we are all individuals. This lesson has six distinct persons, each of whom has been highlighted for their individuality.

Who am I question answer?

Our identity is the “answer” to the question “who am I.” It is our identity, which is comprised of our whole system of memories and experiences as well as our feelings, beliefs, relationships, and values that form who we are as individuals. It’s the stuff that goes into the making of a “self.” Comprehending one’s own identity is crucial to understanding one’s own self.

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What is Dolma’s ambition?

Dolma aspired to be Prime Minister because she wanted to serve the people and make things better for everyone. People teased her about her desire, but she was confident that she would be able to realize it. If any of her students were stuck, they would come to her for assistance. When anything new was introduced at the school, her teachers put their faith in her to get the job done.

What did Rohit want in China?

In response, Rohit want to travel throughout the world and experience places such as the Alps of New Zealand, a cruise down the Amazon River, and a trip to China. Having ascended to a high point in the woods, Radha had the impression that she could dominate the entire planet.

What is the moral of the story who I am Class 6?

Throughout the lesson “Who I am,” the concept of individuality and difference is emphasized throughout. The lesson demonstrates that there is no need to make a distinction between boys and girls. Dreams are prevalent for both men and women. Climbing trees is Radha’s favorite recreational pastime.

What is Peter’s Favourite day and why?

1. Sunday is Peter’s favorite day of the week since it is the day on which his entire family goes to the theater to watch a movie.

How do I know who I am?

The following are the six stages that you must perform in order to discover your actual self:

  1. Remember to remain silent.
  2. Recognize who you genuinely are, rather than who you wish to be. Find out what you are excellent at (and what you are not good at). Find something that you are truly enthusiastic about.
  3. Inquire about comments. Examine your interpersonal interactions.
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What am I who am I game?

Who Am I? is a guessing game in which participants attempt to identify the identity of a famous person or animal by answering yes or no questions. Everybody will be able to recognize the qualities of a person or animal with which the questions are based.

What do I want to be or become in my life?

ten things I’d like to do throughout my lifetime

  • Create a book of your own. I’ve always wanted to publish a book and have a nice kitchen, and now I finally have the opportunity. I don’t actually require a large residence.
  • Move to a different country. I’m quite aware that I’m about to do something stupid. Feel Good About My Body.
  • Financial Independence.
  • More Minimal.
  • Read ALL of the classics.
  • Give Back in a Big Way.
  • Feel Good About My Body.

What is the Dolma dream?

Dolma’s ambition was to one day become the Prime Minister of the Republic of India. She was obsessed with making everything perfect. She desired a more positive upliftment of the country. She desired medical remedies, as well as qualified scientists in the country, and she also desired the launch of spacecraft to Mars.

Which is Radha’s Favourite activity?

What is Radha’s most favorite recreational activity? Climbing trees is Radha’s favorite recreational pastime. She liked to perch on the limbs of a mango tree that was located just outside their home when she was younger.

Who trusts Dolma?

Dolma feels confident in her ability to serve as Prime Minister because she is motivated by a desire to make things better for everyone. Everyone in her class comes to her for advice when they are having a difficulty, and her instructor always puts his or her faith in her when anything important has to be done at school.

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What did Radha’s mother do everyday?

Because she was a female, her mother tried to discourage her from climbing trees by telling her that it was bad for girls. But one day, she joined her on the climb, and the two of them were able to relax while conversing and eating raw mangoes. Climbing trees, Radha claimed, gave her the impression that she had complete control over the universe.

Why was crocodile’s wife annoyed?

The crocodile’s wife became irritated with her husband one day because the crocodile had been with the monkey for a longer period of time than normal. She had been waiting and waiting for him, while also taking care of the baby crocodiles who had recently been hatched. She thought he was a little too taken with his new acquaintance.

What do Rohit actually enjoy?

Rohit is a travel enthusiast who aspires to see every country on the planet. Nature, rather than antique structures, is more appealing to him.

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