Summary Of When You Are Old By Yeats? (Solution)

“When You Are Old” is a poem written by the Irish poet William Butler Yeats that is set in the future. It was published in Yeats’ second collection, The Rose (1893), where the speaker urges someone to consider the future, implying that the person being addressed may come to regret not returning the speaker’s affections in the future.

  • “When You are Old,” a brief lyric poem by Yeats, reflects on the long-term consequences of a lost love. He was never able to get over his ultimate rejection by sweetheart Maud Gonne, who died in 1922. The tone is mournful and a little cautionary, as if he is advising his former love that she may come to regret her decision later in life.

What is the main theme of when you are old?

Several important themes emerge in “When You Are Old,” including love and rejection, as well as the passage of time. When the poet wants to convey genuine love, he invites her to have a glimpse into the future, when she will be old and no longer be surrounded by impersonators.

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What does Yeats say about old age?

Even though Yeats considered old age to be a danger, death was a larger threat in his eyes.

When you are old 2nd PUC English summary?

In ‘When You Are Old,’ the poet employs a temporal frame in which the speaker addresses his lady love in the present, transports her to an illusory state in the future, and asks her to recollect her memories from the past, all in the same poem. It is his intention to do so in order to encourage or warn her not to disregard him and make a poor decision in the future.

When you are old last stanza meaning?

Many people believe that this poem is about the unrequited love between the speaker, who is assumed to be Yeats, and his previous girlfriend. Finally, in the final verse, the speaker reminds his former girlfriend that she should keep in mind that their love did not last and that she should be filled with remorse as a result of this.

What is WB Yeats poetry mainly about?

Yeats began by penning epic poems such as The Isle of Statues and The Wanderings of Oisin, which were later collected as The Complete Poems of Yeats. His other early poems are lyrical compositions on the themes of love, spiritual and esoteric concerns, and other such topics.

What does Yeats say about his beloved’s eyes?

She was deafeningly silent in the face of the poet’s affection. He demonstrates to his sweetheart the actual nature of his affection via the writing of this poetry. Unlike physical attraction, which, according to Yeats, is temporary, spiritual attraction, which is enduring. Her eyes were dark and deep, and the look in them made the hearts of her lovers skip a beat with delight.

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What did Yeats say about death?

I brought everything into balance, brought everything to mind, and the years ahead felt like a waste of breath, and the years past seemed like a waste of breath, in balance with this life, this death.

What is the main theme of the poem Sailing to Byzantium?

The following are the major themes of “Sailing to Byzantium”: The fundamental topics of this poem are man vs nature, as well as the concept of eternity. The poem expresses two ideas: the transience of existence and the indestructible quality of the world. The speaker want to flee from a world in which knowledgeable people are undervalued and underappreciated.

How does Yeats explore the relationship between old age and art in the poem Sailing to Byzantium?

In many ways, the poem’s depiction of art is a natural extension of its themes of aging, mortality, and the soul. The old speaker, having left behind the world of the young, which no longer has space for him in his weakness, travels to the ancient city of Byzantium, which is now a long-dead holy city, in search of spiritual renewal.

When you are old by William Butler Yeats figurative language?

When William Butler Yeats writes the poem “When You Are Old,” he is informing a former lover that when she reaches old age, she will be regretting her decision and will die alone. Yeats used symbolic imagery to humiliate her indirectly by placing her in a scenario where she is sadly withering alone, like in the poem.

When you are old by WB Yeats questions and answers?

When You Are Old, What Questions Should You Ask and What Answers Should You Give

  • The path from youth to old age is depicted in the poem, which raises the first question. How do you define the phrase “tired from lack of sleep?” Question 2: Question 3: According to the speaker, what is it that the woman would regret in her old age?
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How is the journey from youth to old age described in the poem?

In the poem ‘when you are old,’ the journey from youth to old age is beautifully recounted in a way that touches the hearts of the audience. According to this poetry, as one begins to grow old, all of the difficulties and problems that he has endured will be seen in the shape of wrinkles on his face.

When You are Old glowing bars?

Answer: Explanation: The journey from youth to old age is beautifully recounted in the poem “when you are old” in a way that touched the hearts of the readers. According to this poetry, when one grows older, all of the difficulties and problems that he has endured will be seen in the shape of wrinkles on his face.

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