President Cleveland Where Are You The Story Summary? (Solution)

It is one of nine short tales included in Robert Cormier’s book “8 Plus 1,” which was published in 1983 and is titled “President Cleveland, Where Are You?” Choosing whether to use his valuable “Grover Cleveland” card to win a contest or sell the card so that his brother may accompany his girlfriend to the school dance is a difficult decision for Jerry, who is twelve years old.

What is the story President Cleveland where are you about?

Where Have You Gone, President Cleveland? This brilliantly written piece of fiction, set in the 1930s, follows the narrative of 11-year-old Jerry, who is faced with the option of whether to give up what he desires in order to aid someone else on two separate occasions. Plus! The link between money and happiness is discussed in this brief book.

What is the climax in the story President Cleveland where are you?

The climax occurs when Jerry receives a Grover Cleveland baseball card. 4. Falling action: Jerry informs Roger that he has sold his Cleveland baseball card to Rollie Tremaine for $1,500. (He sold it in order for Armand to attend the dance with Sally. )

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How does Jerry feel about his dad in President Cleveland where are you?

What does Jerry do when he discovers that Lemire’s is no longer offering cowboy cards in “President Cleveland, Where Are You?” He feels bad about himself since he did not give Armand all of his money for his father’s birthday present. The story of “President Cleveland, Where Are You?” takes place during the Great Depression in the United States.

What do you think Jerry has learned by the end of the story?

Jerry delivers the money to Armand after he sells the card to Rollie Tremaine at a profit. Jerry has matured and understood that assisting his family is far more essential than helping himself, as seen by this act of kindness. When Jerry and his friend, Roger, get together at the end of the narrative, they have an interesting conversation.

How does Jerry get the Grover Cleveland card?

How does Jerry manage to get his hands on one of the highly sought-after Grover Cleveland trading cards? He exchanges one person who lives on the Northside for another who lives on the Southside. He exchanges one Rollie Tremaine for another.

What year President Cleveland oversees the dedication of the Statue of Liberty?

It was President Grover Cleveland who was present for the dedication in 1886, and he declared on the occasion that the monument would “magnify France beyond the seas.” Following the dedication ceremony, there was a fireworks show and the first-ever ‘Ticker Tape’ parade in New York City.

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What kind of person is Jerry through the tunnel?

To begin with, Jerry appears to be concerned about his mother and is still on the lookout for his mother’s safety. He appears to be familiar with her because of his attitude toward her and the fact that he searches for her from the water: “He was quite familiar with that worried, regretful grin.”

Why does Jerry go through the tunnel?

Jerry has proven himself to himself at the end of the novel, and he no longer seeks the praise of the older lads for his accomplishments. So his trek through the tunnel represents the journey that all children must do as they transition from a state of dependency on their parents to a state of some degree of independence.

What do you think is the main message or theme of this story?

The theme of a tale is the underlying message, sometimes known as the “main concept.” To put it another way, what vital notion about life is the author attempting to transmit through the composition of a book, play, short story, or poetry is important. This notion, or idea, is universal and transcends cultural boundaries. In nature, it is almost always ubiquitous.

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