O What Is That Sound Summary? (Solution found)

O What Is That Sound, a poem by W.H Auden, is a devastating piece of writing that recalls the agony that many people have experienced during times of conflict. In addition, the poem is written in ballad style and represents the viewpoints of two individuals, who are most likely a husband and wife who are hiding out in their home during a period of conflict, according to the author.

What kind of poem is o what is that sound?

When you hear that sound, you know what it is. ‘O what is that sound’ is a ballad-style poetry in which the events take place in an unspecified period, giving it a universal philosophy. It is a poem about a rumored war, the impact of the war on a relationship, and treachery.

Who is the speaker in the poem o What is that sound?

In this poem, as Auden himself acknowledges, there are two main characters that speak. The whole poem is a duologue, with the first two lines of each stanza being questions (asked by speaker one) and the last two lines of each stanza being answers (provided by speaker two) (said by speaker two). “Were the promises you made deceitful, deceiving?” a married couple wonders. ” as well as the use of the term “dear.”

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What is the tone of O What is that sound?

The song has a sing-song quality to it, which contributes to its ballad-like quality. With each stanza that passes, the suspense grows more. The penultimate verse is written in a tone of shock and betrayal, which is appropriate. The poem reaches its height in the final line, which is written in a matter-of-fact manner.

What is that sound that so thrills the ear?

What is it about that music that makes the ear vibrate with delight? Is there drumming, drumming, down in the valley? Only the crimson troops, my love, only the scarlet soldiers The army are on their way. O, what is that bright light that is blazing so brightly? Is it shining brilliantly, brightly in the distance? Only the sun shines on their weapons, my love. As they take a few steps back.

What happens to the second speaker in o What is that sound?

The second speaker, who responds to the questions posed to him, is the one who appears to be more composed. Reread the last stanza to make sure you understand it. So, what happens to the second person who speaks? The troops apprehend the second speaker and take him away.

What is the theme of Ode to the West Wind?

The following are the major topics of “Ode to the West Wind”: The themes of power, human limitations, and the natural environment are central to this poem’s narrative. He admires the strength and grandeur of the west wind and desires that revolutionary ideals may spread to every part of the globe, as described by the poet.

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What is the West Wind compared to?

According to the speaker of Ode to the West Wind, the wind is compared to a “fierce Maenad,” which is a spiritual entity that was once associated with the Greek God Dionysus. Remember, this is the same figure that was described as having hair like angels in another report. Consequently, the wind is portrayed as a god-like entity with angels growing out of its hair.

How does Shelley portray the West Wind?

Shelley conjures the wind magically, expressing its strength and duty as both “destroyer and preserver,” and he begs the wind to sweep him out of his slumber “like a wave, a leaf, a cloud!” Shelley’s poem is a magical invocation of the wind. The poet then makes a stunning turn in the fifth part, changing the wind into a metaphor for his own craft, which he refers to as expressive poetry.

Who is the poet of the poem Solitude?

Ella Wheeler Wilcox, a prolific poet and journalist, was born in the Wisconsin village of Johnstown.

Who were the scarlet soldiers?

Scarlet Soldiers were elite humans of the Scarlet Crusade that could once be found in the Armory wing of the Scarlet Monastery, where they could be discovered at level 35.

What type of poem is after apple picking?

Form. This is a rhyming poem that does not adhere to any predetermined rhyme system. “After Apple-Picking” is mostly written in iambic pentameter, however there are many other line-length variations.

Is there anybody there poem?

In a moonlight doorway, “Is there anyone there?” the Traveller said, knocking on the door. And his horse champed the grasses of the forest’s ferny floor as he rode into the silence: When the Traveller looked up, a bird came out of the turret and hovered over his head: In the meanwhile, he rapped on the door a second time, asking, “Is there anyone there?”

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When was oh what is that sound written?

It was composed by W. H. Auden in October 1932 and published for the first time in 1934 as a ballad titled “O What Is That Sound.”

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