How To Write An Article Summary? (TOP 5 Tips)

Give a summary of the major points of the article. Identify the most significant details that help to support the key points of the argument. Put yourself into your summary; do not use phrases or sentences from the article unless they are direct quotations. Express the underlying significance of the material, rather than just the surface information, in your writing.

What are the 7 steps in writing a summary?

The following is a table of contents:

  • Look over and over again at the material. Identify and highlight the most significant themes and core aspects of the text. Organize the key points of discussion. Introduction
  • main body paragraphs
  • concluding paragraphs Finally, a summary paragraph. Fill up the blanks with your own words.

What are the 5 steps to writing a summary?

To produce an excellent summary, use the four-step framework provided below.

  1. The first step is to read the material.
  2. The second step is to break the text down into sections.
  3. The third step is to identify the most important elements in each section.
  4. The fourth step is to write the summary. Step 5: Compare the summary to the original article.
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What is a summary example?

The first step is to read the material. ;The second step is to break the text down into sections. ;The third step is to identify the most important elements in each section. ;The fourth step is to write a summary. Fifth, compare the summary with the article; and

What is a brief summary of an article?

What Exactly Is a Summary? A summary is a concise synopsis of a bigger work that provides the reader with a thorough grasp of the subject matter. The key concepts in an article, essay, television show, or film that a writer has read or watched will be gathered and condensed into a concise synopsis by the writer.

Do and don’ts of summary writing?


  • In a nutshell, here’s how it goes: After all, it is a summary, not a personal essay on the subject of your choice. DON’T SELL YOURSELF SHORTER: While attempting to follow rule 1, you may have opted to exclude important selling factors, resulting in you selling yourself short. DO inject some originality into your work: Make sure you don’t sound like a rigid robot.

How do you start a summary example?

Begin by acknowledging the source of the information. Using the example above, you might begin with a statement like: “This is a summary of the article written by and published in the journal xxxx,” or “This is a summary of the article written by and published in the journal xxxx.” Create a subject phrase that communicates the primary concept of your content next.

How do you start an article summary?

In the first paragraph of the article, include a brief synopsis or overview that includes the author’s name and the title of the piece. Conclusion: Conclude with a thesis statement that summarizes the major point of the piece. The length of the original article determines how many paragraphs you should include in your summary.

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How do you summarize an article without reading it?

An abstract is included in the majority of scientific journals. An abstract is a succinct written summary of the main point or information in a lengthy report. The abstract provides a concise summary of the article’s content. Reading the abstract will give you a general sense of the material included in the article without having to read the whole of the article.

How do you summarize a research article example?

Create an initial draft of your essay. Explain why the research issue is intriguing and what you plan to do to find out the answer. Specify the hypotheses that were tested. Briefly describe the procedures (design, participants, materials, process, what was modified [independent variables], what was assessed [dependent variables], and how the results were analyzed). Explanation of the outcomes

How do you write an article?

Instructions on how to write articles

  1. Decide on a theme for your essay. Determine who your target audience is. Make a list of facts that will support your story. Create a rough outline for your piece.
  2. Produce a preliminary draft and narrow the scope of your plan. Specify the subject of your paper. Read your text aloud until it is completely free of errors.

How many sentences should be in a summary?

How many sentences should be included in a summary? The typical amount of sentences in a summary of an article or essay is between 5 and 8 sentences. While academic and scientific publications may often have longer summaries that contain longer phrases, the summary should still be kept to around 8 sentences.

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How many paragraphs are in a summary?

Keep your summary to one paragraph in length. A summary should not be more than one-fourth the length of the essay, as a general rule.)

How do you write a summary of an article for kids?

Attempt to address the questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how in the article, and include a subject sentence that informs the reader of the major notion, or theme, of the work. Then, fill in the blanks with the pertinent aspects of the tale, leaving out any needless material or people that aren’t significant.

How do you write a one paragraph summary?

Make an effort to address the who, what, when, where and why of the work, and include a topic sentence to inform the reader of the major concept, or theme, of the piece while writing a summary of the piece. Add the crucial facts to your narrative, leaving out any extraneous material or people that aren’t required for the plot line.

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