How The Camel Got His Hump Summary? (Solution)

Rudyard Kipling’s fictional story “How the Camel Got His Hump” is based on a true story. The fable relates the story of a sluggish camel that refused to work and only responded with a sarcastic ‘Humph!’ to anybody who urged him to do so. The narrative takes place at a time when the world has just recently begun to employ animals for labor.

How the camel Got hump short summary?

The Djinn tracked down the camel in the desert, where he was staring at his reflection in the water, when he was discovered. He explained to the camel that because he had not worked for three days, he could now work for three days without eating or drinking if he had this hump. Since that day, the camel has grown a hump, but it has not yet learned how to act properly.

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How the camel Got His hump summary Brainly?

Since being lazy and refusing to assist in Man’s labor, the Camel has been forced to live in the desert since the beginning of time. After performing a spell that transformed the Camels back into their original shape (humph), the Djinn sentenced him to labor for three days without eating, subsisting on his humph, in order to make up for the days he had missed out on.

How the camel Got His hump moral story?

As a result of the camel’s refusal to labor, the Djinn cursed him and cursed him with a weight on his back. The conclusion of the tale is that sitting around doing nothing and wasting time accomplishes absolutely nothing. The person who is slack and does not carry out his or her responsibilities will suffer in the end.

How was the camel punished?

Answer: The Camel was unwilling to work at all until he was penalized for his reluctance to work in the first place. Djinn wanted him to do the task entrusted to him, but due to his reckless behavior, he had no choice but to punish him by inflating up a hump on the back. In desert conditions, camels can live for at least three days because to their hump.

How the camel was punished by the djinn and why?

Explanation: When the Djinn decided to punish the Camel, he cast a spell on the Camel, which resulted in a large humph appearing on the Camel’s rear end. The food is kept in the humph, allowing the camel to labor for three to four days without having to eat. Camel was told by the Djinn that if he finished his task, the humph would vanish from the world.

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How did the Camel Got His hump answer?

The Djinn made the decision to punish such a sluggish creature. He instructed the Camel to labor in the same manner as other animals, but the Camel showed little interest in doing so. The Djinn became enraged as a result. This is how the Camel acquired a hump on his back.

How did the camel behave when the other animals had started working for man Brainly?

Answer: The camel was formerly considered to be a sluggish animal. He didn’t want to work and chose to dwell in the middle of a desert, far away from other creatures who did labor. They lodged a formal complaint against him with the Djinn, who was in charge of all deserts at the time.

Who is writer of the story How the Camel Got His Hump?

The short story “How the Camel Got His Hump” was written by British author Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), who lived from 1865 to 1936.

Who are the main characters in the story How the Camel Got His Hump?

In this play for youngsters, based on the narrative of Rudyard Kipling, we will learn how the camel obtained his hump. Characters: Three storytellers, a camel, a man, an ox, a horse, a dog, and a djinn are among the cast. Storyteller 1: It all began at the beginning of time, when the planet was brand new.

Why did the Djinn give the camel a hump?

Answer: The Djinn promised the camel that his “humph” would not be a hindrance to him while he was working. After skipping work for three days, the camel would be able to survive on his humph and would be able to work for another three days without eating if necessary. This indicates that the hump served as a sort of food store..

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Why did the camel said hump repeatedly?

The camel said, “Humph,” over and over. What effect did it have on him? This resulted in a significant hump on his back. The camel’s attention to his own reflection in the water demonstrates that he was self-conscious about his appearance, particularly his back.

How did Djinn set the camel right?

How did he get the camel to behave properly? Answer: Djinn was the instigator of all desert transformations. As a result, the horse, the ox, and the dog approached him and grumbled about the camel’s sluggishness. The camel was admonished by the Djinn, who humped it on the back and told it to serve man in the same way that other animals did.

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