How Europe Underdeveloped Africa Summary? (Solution found)

How Europe Impoverished Africa is a 1972 book authored by Walter Rodney that outlines how European colonial administrations purposefully exploited and underdeveloped Africa in order to further their own interests. One of his key points throughout the book is that Africa developed Europe at the same rate as Europe underdeveloped Africa, and that this is a valid point.

What are the causes of underdevelopment in Africa?

The Root Causes of Africa’s Underdevelopment

  • Corruption. A major issue facing Africa today is corruption. Other issues include poor government policies, unemployment, insufficient infrastructure, high levels of illiteracy, unfavourable business environment, a scarcity of skilled labor, and inadequate public project supervision.

How did colonialism underdeveloped Africa?

Many uneducated people were forced into disguised slavery, and the concepts of indentured labor and servitude were also introduced into the culture. Africa underwent a transformation as a result of internal and external pressures. Various social changes in African civilization are brought about by famine and illness, as well as territorial battles like as the Mfecane [2].

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Why did Africa not develop like Europe?

Because of the high death rates associated with tropical illnesses such as malaria in many regions of the continent, Europeans were unable to live there. Europe controlled only ten percent of the African continent as recently as the 1870s, with all of its territories being located near the coast.

What does Walter Rodney mean by development?

Rodney defines development as a “many-sided process” as a corrective to this problem. He defines it in terms of “improved skill and ability, more freedom, creativity, self-discipline, responsibility, and material well-being” at the individual and social levels, respectively.

What are the main causes of underdevelopment?

The factors that contribute to underdevelopment are numerous and diverse. Poverty, overpopulation, geography and climate, inadequate education and healthcare, foreign politics, conflict, migration, and inequality are just a few of the issues that have been raised in the literature, and this is by no means an exhaustive list.

What is the major problem in Africa?

Issues including as terrorism, conflict settlement, border closures, and immigration are predicted to continue to preoccupy the continent’s policymakers. In a number of areas, Africa made significant strides forward in 2019, including the conduct of peaceful elections in several regions of the continent and greater economic growth throughout the continent.

What impact did European colonization have on Africa?

Through the introduction of a monocultural economy into African colonies, colonialism made African colonies reliant upon its rulers. It also dehumanized the African labor force as well as the African traders. It compelled Africans to work on colonial plantations for pitiful salaries and pushed them to abandon their homes and lands.

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Who wrote How Europe Underdeveloped Africa?

Europe viewed the colonization of Africa as a chance to acquire a surplus population, which resulted in the establishment of settler colonies. Following the invasion, many European countries viewed Africa as a resource that they might use to their advantage.

Why is Africa not as developed as other continents?

Evidence suggests that Africa has failed to achieve considerable progress over the course of decades since the majority of its countries are impoverished. According to a 2013 United Nations Development Programme assessment, Africa is home to 37 of the 46 nations with the lowest human development index.

Why Africa is poor despite its natural resources?

Colonialism in the Modern Era is defined as follows: The world’s poorest continent, it is argued, is lagging behind as a result of modern-day colonialism, which has had a negative impact on its economic growth and development. African countries were forced to rely on imported commodities since all of its natural resources were taken away by affluent nations as a result of colonial actions, for example.

How developed is Africa?

80 and are regarded as having “very high human development.” Having said that, Africa remains the least developed continent on the planet, except from Antarctica, with many of its countries still grappling with challenges such as poverty, government corruption, and armed conflict, among others.

Why underdevelopment is not the absence of development?

Underdevelopment does not imply a lack of development, because every culture has progressed in some way or another throughout the centuries. In order to compare different degrees of development, the term “underdevelopment” makes meaning solely in this context. In order to accomplish development in Africa, it is necessary to first recognize the current systems that are perpetuating underdevelopment.

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What raw materials did Europe want from Africa?

As a result of this expansionist policy, numerous European countries established colonies in Africa in order to utilize and sell the continent’s resources throughout the period under consideration. Rubber, lumber, diamonds, and gold were discovered in Africa, as were other raw resources. Europeans were equally concerned about the protection of trade routes.

Why are West African countries referred to as underdeveloped?

A number of factors contribute to the designation of West African countries as developing too slowly: I Political instability prevails in several nations in West African countries. Illiteracy is widespread in the country. (ii) A recurring issue is the issue of the balance of payments. (iv)

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