Andrew Blum: What Is The Internet, Really Summary? (Question)

Andrew Blum was well-versed in the physicality of locations and environments, as well as the process of making sense of them as a writer covering architecture. When a squirrel chewed on the writer’s Internet cable one day, the writer embarked on a trip to discover where the Internet actually exists – literally.

What is really the Internet?

The Internet is a worldwide network of billions of computers and other electronic devices that connects people all over the world. With the Internet, it is possible to have access to almost any information, connect with anybody else on the planet, and do a variety of other tasks. To do all of this, you must first connect your computer to the Internet, which is referred to as “getting online.”

What caused Andrew Blum’s Internet to go out?

Blum’s internet connection was down. Despite the fact that it was a tragically all-too-common event, it produced a discovery. ‘When the cable guy arrived to fix it, he started with some dusty cables behind the sofa, which he followed out of the building to the basement, and then out to the backyard, where there was a tangle of wires running along the back wall.’

What is the physical side of the Internet?

The physical Internet is not something that exists in the cloud, but rather a structure made up of actual objects: routers, cables, antennae, internet exchange points, and data centers are just a few of the components that allow for this type of communication to occur.

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Where does internet come from?

Who is the inventor of the internet? ARPANET, an academic research network supported by the military’s Advanced Research Projects Agency, was the first network to be established on the internet (ARPA, now DARPA). It was directed by Bob Taylor, an ARPA administrator, and the network was created by the Bolt, Beranek & Newman consulting firm, which is still in operation today.

What is World Wide Web and how does it function?

The World Wide Web (WWW), sometimes known as the Web, is the most important information retrieval service available on the Internet (the worldwide computer network). Users can choose a word or phrase from text and then click on the word or phrase to be sent to other documents that provide extra information relevant to that word or phrase.

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