Simple & Smart Answers for Professional Independent Adjusters Gets a Makeover: 5 Reasons The Site Needed An Update and What It Means For You!

April 8, 2016 | Adrian Eskew


Websites are an interesting thing. Who would have considered years ago that the modern web wouldn't be dominated by blue links on a white background, but instead by users primarily accesing their site on a handheld phone! We live in exciting times and technology is constantly expanding the boundries of what we considered possible just a few short years ago.

But why did, a site very much in its infancy need an update after less than two years? What follows are the reason the site received a facelift and what that ultimately means for you.

1. Because I love web design

I've been interested in web and graphic design since I first got my hands on the book HTML for Dummies. Back then, web design was still in the early days. AOL dominated as an ISP and Google wasn't even a thing yet. Every bit of the web was hand-coded with no real frameworks, templates or website builders. Over the years I've left and re-entered the web dev scene, and have always had a fascination with the subject.

So perhaps unsurprisingly, first and foremost, I refreshed the design of because I can. My motives were not purely that selfish though, and there is some great tech behind-the-scenes that will make the site better for all. Like...

2. Speed

Studies have proven that the longer a user has to wait for a site to load, the less interested they become in their original intent for visiting, which has the potential to have them hitting the back button. With this redesign come major tweaks to improve the page load times and transition between pages. This is important because of how adjusters work, needing answers as quickly and simply as possible. What may be considered impatience gets amplified considerably on mobile sites, because, well...

3. Mobile is King

Whether you're still rocking the flip phone or you are first in line for the newest mobile tech, you cannot ignore that mobile web access and apps are taking over as the primary means by which we absorb information. For this reason, the new is optimized for mobile first. Any part of the site which could slow mobile access has been stripped away, leaving it accessible and fast. The mobile menu also redesigned and stuck to the bottom of the screen so you can navigate quickly and easily between the most relevant pages.

This is going to be a major factor for future access to, because we now have a great platform for...

4. Web Apps, Calculators and Tools!

Most excitedly, we can now produce tools and web apps with ease and not have to rely on bulky plugins. For the average user this may not mean much, but if you are at all excited about bringing mobile tech into your adjusting you have reason to be pumped about what this means. We have been working on technology that is new to the world of independent adjusting, previously hidden behind the closed doors of insurance carriers or adjusting firms. Things that will increase your profit and lower your time spent on certain tasks.

Vague...yes, but you'll just have to keep checking back in for updates.

5. More content, more often

Finally, this refresh means that publishing content becomes less of a chore and instead something that can be done from anywhere at any time. What this will hopefully mean is more articles, videos and information being pushed to you with lesser wait! If you have found this website to be of value, that should get you excited.

Although the old site wasn't broken, this refresh and explanation will hopefully shed some light on why it is so important for us to stay ahead of technology so that can become the number one resource for independent adjusters!

What drives us? aims to be the number one resource for professional and aspiring independent adjusters on the web. We have spent years working claims, shaking hands, forming relationships and learning the hard way so you dont have to. Our strategy and goal is simple - be honest, work hard and help others succeed in this business.

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