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Interested in hiring me for a project or for claims? Here are my areas of expertise:

1. Claims Adjusting

This is where I got my start, working claims for various vendors all across the country with a special focus on commercial property full-adjustment assignments. Also adept at liability and residential loss adjusting, contact me to find out how I can help your team.

2. Consulting

I’ve assisted companies with their claims technology needs, management and processes (workflow). If you have a unique problem to solve, I can lend my assistance or connect you with someone that can help.

3. File Review

As a former quality assurance manager, I can assist with review of complex claim files. If you need a team of reviewers for a special situation, I can help assemble, train and oversee them.

4. Training

The aim of this site is to help adjusters master their trade. I’ve spent countless hours with adjusters in efforts to help them master their estimating, reporting and adjusting skills. If you’re interested in group or one-on-one training, contact me to learn more.

What drives us? aims to be the number one resource for professional and aspiring independent adjusters on the web. We have spent years working claims, shaking hands, forming relationships and learning the hard way so you dont have to. Our strategy and goal is simple - be honest, work hard and help others succeed in this business.

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