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Our mission is to empower you to grow your own personal brand as an adjuster. You’ll learn tips & tricks for marketing yourself, working claims more efficiently and gain insider knowledge of the latest tools and techniques that adjusters are using.

Through informative articles, great online tools and powerful offline techniques for closing claims, we hope to help you become a legendary adjuster! We’ll do the research so you don’t have to and provide real-world information from industry leaders and experts. And if you’re just starting out in the industry, we will provide realistic expectations and tools for making it as an independent adjuster. is an amazing resource and growing library of all the tips and tactics to maximize your knowledge and potential as an independent adjuster!

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I have been around the country working countless claims with a variety of insureds and carriers and learned success in this industry the hard way. As my journey has progressed, I have found myself in the role of adjuster trainer and manager more than once, which required developing tools and resources that were not yet in existence or simply under corporate proprietary lock and key. That is where the original idea for an all encompassing adjuster resource website began! was born from the need of quality and relevant information in the adjuster community. As a manager and trainer for a large number of adjusters, I noticed continual trends where there seemed to be a real disconnect between adjuster knowledge and carrier expectation. IndieAdjuster is a website I designed to fill that gap and hopefully better the industry as a whole.

I am constantly encouraged by the feedback that is received from real adjusters that have discovered this site. While growth is hard to maintain while working full-time in the industry, there are always articles, tools and resources being developed in the background. With that in mind, my hope is that you will visit often and share this site with your peers.

Best of Luck!

Adrian Eskew

The Indie Adjuster

What drives us? aims to be the number one resource for professional and aspiring independent adjusters on the web. We have spent years working claims, shaking hands, forming relationships and learning the hard way so you dont have to. Our strategy and goal is simple - be honest, work hard and help others succeed in this business.

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